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07May 2019

Why Bob & Leslie chose to convert their vehicle

So why do people choose to convert their ute into a Six Wheeler. We asked Bob & Leslie.

Bob was a professional caravan "mover", collecting and delivering caravans across Australia's east coast, racking up hundreds of thousands of Km in the process. They also have their own caravan.

Bob's vehicle of choice for the bulk of that time was a Toyota Landcruiser 200 series wagon.

But one day, they happened to follow one of our own six wheelers, and Leslie said "I want one". A few months later they saw another one and gave Six Wheeler Conversions a call.

Now they are the proud owners of an Isuzu Dmax Six Wheeler, converted from new under SSM, with a 4,495Kg GVM and 4,500Kg towing capacity.

We asked Bob what he thought of the difference between his two vehicles and he said "I save my camp (caravan park) fees just in fuel savings. The 200 series used 24½ litres/100Km, but the Dmax with the identical van is only using 14½ litres/100Km. The ride is also great, and we are very happy with the decision. Add to that the increased payload in the vehicle. With only 700Kg available in the 200 series, and 350Kg of that lost to ball weight, 350Kg isn't much for passengers, fridge, and other travelling essentials.

As a side note, they have now upgraded to a 5th Wheeler, so Six Wheeler has recently installed a new 5th wheel hitch onto their Eye~Tie ute tray.